About ME!!!


So I’m me. Right? Or are you me? Who is me? Is everyone me? Because I’m me but then you also say that you’re me and it’s all just a confusing paradox. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, then that is understandable. So I don’t understand the point of About Me’s because unless I’m mistaken, you aren’t going to get a life changing idea, but if you do, that’s great!! Anyway, my name is WriterWoman. Seriously. On my birth certificate it says “WriterWoman”. I’m not joking. *attempts a serious face but it doesn’t work* Okay, I might be joking… My real name is… Aditi. It’s an Indian name. Okay, so now I tell you about the boring stuff. I love math, science and writing. I play piano, take karate, swimming and Indian School. I’m a teenager. I LOVE doing thrilling things such as sky diving, parasailing, JET SKIING, bunjee jumping, etc. So I know that most About Me’s and author pages are written in third person, but that would be cliché wouldn’t it? And if you know anything about me like maybe reading the title for my first blog post, you know I absolutely HATE anything cliché. I guess that’s it. Oh and it’s very difficult for me to write in 3rd person… I guess that’s it. For real. I’ll add more when I feel like it! Bye!

~WriterWoman 🙂


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