So many people have trouble differentiating between the things you want and the things you need. It’s great to receive the things you want, but it shouldn’t be a requirement for you to live. Remember how grateful you are, and that you should probably save your parents money for college, or, save your money for anything else. If you don’t immediately require something, why spend so much on it right away? 
I’m guilty of the same. When I was around ten, I begged my parents to buy me a doll. All of the girls had it, and the ads for it were so beautiful. Keep in mind, this was a very, very expensive doll. I felt, that as an eleven year old girl, I NEEDED to have that thing. For my birthday that year, I was ecstatic when my parents gifted it to me. For a whole week, I spent my time with that doll. After that, I got bored. Her high maintenance hair became ratty and matted. My dad used her special comb to brush his armpit hair. I’m just joking! 😀 Her mini outfits were scattered around the house. Her mini cello became a decoration. Either way, she was withering away, and I realized I wasted my parents’ money. We donated her to an orphanage, for kids who deserved her more than I did. 

You might not always need to buy an expensive dress EVERY time you go to a mall, or buy the latest phone, or eat out every day. Because of this, birthdays and other occasions have become worthless, because we get ourselves gifts all the other times anyway. Of course, buy things for yourself, treat yourself, be happy. Just don’t waste, and keep the authenticity of holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 




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