That is correct. You read my title correctly, I think “BLOGGING IS TERRIBLE”. It really is…I mean I’ve honestly taken it up to myself to list nine reasons why “BLOGGING IS TERRIBLE”. I apologize if you do not respect my opinions, but blogging, is a free world, I am simply stating what I believe.

  1. Terrible Time^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^+.+^

By the way, I’m just joking.

Now, before I get started, I believe all of you bloggers and non-bloggers, came because of my title, or the little excerpt you read from your wordpress feed. You are currently here, in rage, it read the rest of my article to see if it can make you angrier or just to bash me and leave hate in the comments.

But, I am conducting a psychological survey, and one of the parts I was able to include in blogging! I have a separate account, with a similar feed and followers and I compare that with this one on numerous occasions.

For this, I am seeing if my account activity will be affected by the mini, 50-word excerpt as well as the name of the title.

So, I basically have the same post, minus this part and the title, on two different, yet indistinguishable accounts, and I’m trying to see whether I’ll have more traffic on this account.

Thank you so much for indirectly participating in this and let’s get on with the actual post.


Hello there! I’m Aditi, or xxwriterwomanxx, and welcome back to my blog!

That’s right, I’m starting to blog again…In the time I walked from the dining table to my computer room, I already had a plan on what to write, but, I often stray away from what I set my mind to. But this time, I won’t.

It has been an adventure-wielding, award-winning, fun-inducing, tragedy-impaling, horridly-scarring, long-lasting few months.

I’ve had good moments, bad moments, angry moments, sad moments, etc., much like all of you.Though it’s been thrilling, I’m just going to pick up from today.


If you’re new, I’m a girl in high school and I used to be writing blogs because it was fun to write them, nice to see the comments, and because I thought it was enjoyable to look at my “stats” page and use up a few minutes.

Most bloggers say that they’re blogging as a way to express their feelings. But, as you might have guessed, I’m not “most bloggers”. In fact, most people peg me as the “unemotional person” and that is how I’m considered.

So, the question remains, why do I blog? At the moment, I don’t have no idea why I blog. I think I know, but I’m not sure. So, I’ll get back to you on that.

Change. What does the word mean to you? It means a lot to a lot of people, or it could mean nothing at the same time. People change over ten months, people change from second to second.

Seeing a new person, scarring yourself with just one scene, viewing a life-changing photograph that can all happen in one second. And it can change your life, the way you live immediately.

I like to think I have changed. But maybe, tomorrow, I’ll come across a comedic blog idea again, and everything will be back to how I post usually.

Perhaps tragedy has occurred today, while joy will occur tomorrow. You will just have to see.

So, welcome to the world of xxwriterwomanxx and enjoy!


(That last line was alliteration)

Speaking of alliteration….

“Blackalicious” by Alphabet Aerobics is simply fantastic. I mean, as a lover of alliteration, it’s fantastic to me. Currently adding “memorized lyrics of Blackalicious” to my list of musical talents.


11 thoughts on “BLOGGING IS TERRIBLE

  1. That’s an interesting experiment you’ve got going on there. I hope you post about the results. I’d love to see how 50-word excerpt and the title affect blog traffic. Good luck!


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