Tantalizing Tuesday


You know, when I think of tantalizing, I think of tarantulas. Weird, eh? Anyway, do you like the changes I made to my blog? The “About Me” page actually shows up and I just aditified it. So I need to tell you a story. Albeit a short, legendary one. VOCAB WORD! HIGH FIVE! LEGENDARY! So here goes…

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a stick of butter was being taught in an academy. The stick of butter was thinking, ‘Don’t you hate it when sentences never end the way you want them unicorn?’ The stick of butter was in Likeable Achievements class, also known as Language Arts. Sticks of butter used to use the word Language Arts many oil years ago.

(B/N: Blogger’s Note: I have no idea what I’m saying, so just try to follow along.)

Alas! The stick of butter’s case fell! The stick of butter always used to tuck his case under its chair, but it always fell! When? During Likeable Achievements class. How horrid! The students always chortled, but the stick of butter didn’t care.


End of story. Ok. That was WEIRD! Long story short, whenever I’m in Language Arts, my books fall.


Oh well. I’m feeling INCREDIBLY lazy and tired, considering I was extremely sick yesterday and I was sent home from school. So please, cut me some slack? Btw: the title is VERY misleading. VERY. Anyway, I PROMISE that tomorrow I’ll edit this and/or post another blog with the POTD, QOTD, QOTD, JOTD, ROTD and whatever other OTDs I do. Thanks! Oh and no school on Thursday, but I might be going to a party. 🙂 Expect a LONG post on Thursday! I have piano today!!!! Because I was sick and in New York and stuff, I didn’t get time to practice… 😦 😦 😦 😦 Oh well. Wish me luck, because I’m not sure if my piano teacher will kill me. Oh NO! I forgot! I need to have two pieces memorized or else I can’t enter this competition!!!! OMG THIS IS BAD. I NEED TO GO GOODBYE. On that happy note, I’m concluding my “tantalizing” blog.


18 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday

  1. This is a pretty interesting post. I also have family in NY. I will keep to myself, but I’m sure you want to know who I am. Here is a riddle to you: I see you all the time, yet you don’t see me frequently, who am I? (BTW, this is a clue as to who I am)

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